Staff Vanishes After Deadly Attack in Myanmar

Staff Vanishes After Deadly Attack in Myanmar

( – Humanitarian work often has people working in difficult conditions and seeing the worst that humanity has to offer. This is certainly the case in Myanmar, where different ethnic groups have been fighting for years and the current government is targeting civilians, including women and children. The latest government-led attack killed at least 35 people and left 2 workers from the international aid group Save The Children missing.

On Saturday, December 25, Save the Children condemned an attack by the Myanmar government that killed a minimum of 38 people as military members attacked cars, pulled out bodies, and burned them. The following day, the US embassy in Myanmar confirmed the “barbaric attack in Kayah state that killed at least 35 civilians, including women and children.”

The nonprofit, which provides humanitarian relief around the globe, announced that two of its staff remain missing after the incident. Reports have confirmed military members attacked and burned the car the staff was driving home from their humanitarian trip.

Save the Children shared more on Twitter:

Most of those who died in the attack got caught in the crossfire between the Myanmar military and armed resistance groups nearby. However, reports continue to trickle out from news agencies about other heinous and barbaric crimes the Myanmar military is carrying out against its own citizens. Hopefully, these incidents raise more awareness about the devastation in the country and highlight ways for other nations to help.

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