State Supreme Court Locked Up in Millions of Dollars in Scheme

State Supreme Court Locked Up in Millions of Dollars in Scheme

( – Supreme Courts on any level make incredibly tough decisions on the constitutionality of laws, leaders, and restrictions. The Pennsylvania Supreme Court has permitted the state’s restrictive coronavirus mandates, rejected a congressional map, and walked a fine line with mail-in voting laws in the past few years. Now, the race to be the next justice on the state’s high court is heating up as candidates rake in millions of dollars in donations.

Pennsylvania is one of the few states left that still allows citizens to vote on Supreme Court justices in partisan races. With residents seeing how powerful the currently left-leaning seven-seat bench is, organizations have been pouring money into the campaigns. So far, labor unions, lawyers, individuals, and political action committees (PACs) have raised almost $2.7 million for candidate Maria McLaughlin (D) and $2.8 million for candidate Kevin Brobson (R).

LancasterOnline reporter Sam Janesch shared more about this tight race on Twitter:

Currently, the state has no limits on campaign contributions, which has allowed candidates to receive enormous sums of money from single contributors, including a Committee For a Better Tomorrow, which donated $850,000 to McLaughlin’s campaign. This race is incredibly important to Conservatives hoping to balance out the state’s High Court, although it seems it may be the special interest groups who actually wield most of the power in this election and may win with their gigantic donations.

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