Stimulus Checks to Reach Fewer People

Stimulus Checks to Reach Fewer People

( – Since President Joe Biden took office, he has been pushing to get stimulus payments into the hands of Americans. But, as time ticks forwards, Congress still cannot agree on how much to send and to whom. The latest intel says that fewer Americans will get stimulus checks than Biden previously promised.

As Biden campaigned for Senate Democrats during the January special election in Georgia, he assured voters that, together with a Left-leaning congress, he would deliver $2,000 stimulus checks to their door. But, as Washington swamp politics drag on, it seems Biden will break another promise. On Wednesday, March 3, Biden voiced support for a plan for $1,400 checks with steeper income cutoffs than he previously considered.

CNBC shared the proposed stimulus check income caps pushed by the Left:

Looking at Biden’s track record, we shouldn’t be surprised that he has changed his mind on yet another campaign promise. Like so many other issues, Biden easily buckles under pressure to appease those who have his ear. This only gives us a greater appreciation for leaders who stick to their word and aren’t easily pushed around by other politicians’ whims.

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