Student Volunteer Rejected After She Writes Article Supporting Free Speech

Student Volunteer Rejected After She Writes Article Supporting Free Speech

( – Free speech is a cornerstone of America, and it’s often the first right to go in a society heading towards government control. While many incidents of cancel culture have appeared this year, one Florida event was canceled because the host didn’t like a recent opinion article written by the student sponsor. Here’s the story.

On February 17, Karoline Tyrell published an op-ed piece on how the student government at Florida Gulf Coast University chose to impeach a fellow student senator after he asked a question they deemed “racist” and “disgusting.” The question? The student asked for clarification and a potential rephrasing of the Black Student Alliance’s use of “black excellence” in their bill asking the government to allocate funds for melanin week.

Soon after, CREW Land and Water Trust emailed Karoline to tell her that her article didn’t subscribe to their values to “promote diversity and inclusion,” and they were canceling the volunteer event she was sponsoring. Karoline’s boss shared his distaste for the incident on Twitter:

As Americans, we must always be on the lookout for those who wish to infringe on our rights to express our beliefs and opinions. Rather than root out anyone who questions the mainstream agenda or disagrees with us, we must foster our differences and the ability to express them in order to preserve our vibrant way of life.

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