Support For Third Party Reaches All-Time High Among GOP Base

Support For Third Party Reaches All-Time High Among GOP Base

( – Our two-party system can seemingly give voters little choice when picking candidates in an election. After the events of 2020, many Americans have solidified their beliefs and may want to pick a candidate that aligns more closely with their values than the choices provided by a two-party system. With this in mind, the demand for a third party, and thus a third candidate in elections, is growing.

According to a poll by CBS News that ran from February 5-8, 33% of Republicans would definitely join a third party led by former President Donald Trump, and 37% said they would “maybe” join the new party.

News and analysis site FiveThirtyEight shares more data about a potential third party and what it takes to make one:

While creating a new political party does have its challenges, Donald Trump has repeatedly shown his ability to push through and overcome difficult situations. Plus, he has plenty of proven and loyal supporters willing to rally behind him. So, while the former president hasn’t yet stated he will form a third party, more Americans than ever before are hoping for it.

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