Supreme Court MAIL-IN BALLOT Ruling – It’s Here!

Mail-In Ballot Decision Invalidated by Supreme Court

Mail-In Ballot Decision Invalidated by Supreme Court

( – After the 2020 election, many Americans thought long and hard about what makes a safe and secure election, as human error often runs rampant when unchecked. As these conversations turned into lawsuits and moved through the courts, the 3rd US Circuit Court of Appeals ruled in May 2022 that the date requirements on mail-in ballots were unnecessary and, therefore, such ballots should be included in the official vote. However, this ruling was then bumped up to the US Supreme Court (SCOTUS), which nullified the previous ruling.

On Tuesday, October 11, SCOTUS ruled the May decision by the circuit court was moot and that every state should refer to its own laws over the matter rather than depend on the judge’s ruling. In response, Pennsylvania acting Secretary of State Leigh Chapman noted how election officials in her state would continue to count undated ballots in the vote in accordance with local laws.

This decision emphasizes how the US Constitution set up elections to be run: at the state and local levels. Moving forward, each state must continue to handle these matters according to its own laws. This reminds voters how essential it is to ask state representatives to help craft election laws and reforms to keep elections free of fraud and tampering in the future.

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