Supreme Court Rules on Huge Case That Will Affect the Internet

Supreme Court Rules on Huge Case That Will Affect the Internet

( – Google seems to have a monopoly on most corners of the internet, and it’s gaining traction in the world of smartphones, too. In a case decided by the Supreme Court (SCOTUS) this week, the Big Tech giant got a boost from SCOTUS in a 6-2 vote.

On Monday, April 12, Justice Stephen Breyer handed out the decision that Google did not infringe on copyright laws in the early 2000s when it borrowed 11,500 lines of code for its Android platform. This code was originally written by Oracle developers for their Java software.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation looked favorably on the ruling:

However, not everyone thought the Supreme Court made the right decision. Will Chamberlain, the Senior Counsel for the Internet Accountability Project, believes this will halt new innovation in the software industry as small companies will fear that bullies like Google will use their code, claim “fair use,” and never see a payday. However, the flip side is small companies can now more freely build upon code from other developers and potentially create newer innovations quicker because of this ruling.

We cannot know exactly how this will play out over time, but we can be confident that the majority of the Supreme Court ruled this way by interpreting the laws as they’re currently written. This is what the SCOTUS’ job is, and if companies wish for different regulations, they must petition their lawmakers to make such a change.

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