Supreme Court Stands Up for Police in Latest Ruling

Supreme Court Stands Up for Police in Latest Ruling

( – Being a police officer has never been easy, but the events of 2020 put most officers in a tough spot. As some Americans demanded police reform and questioned qualified immunity, many cops debated whether or not to continue in their chosen careers. But, in a supportive move this week, the US Supreme Court (SCOTUS) protected police and their actions in two different unsigned rulings.

On Monday, October 18, SCOTUS released two rulings supporting police officers’ “qualified immunity” legal protection that protects officers from civil litigation unless someone’s constitutional rights have been clearly violated.

The first ruling overturned an Oklahoma lower court decision that allowed a trial for two officers accused of using excessive force when they shot and killed a hammer-wielding man in his garage. The second ruling overturned a California court’s decision to deny qualified immunity for an officer accused of using excessive force when handcuffing a suspect in 2016.

Many Conservatives shared the news on Twitter:

When on the job, police must make split-second decisions in order to protect their community — and themselves. Sometimes, force is necessary to de-escalate these situations. If qualified immunity were to end, officers may have to decide between self-defense and a long, painful lawsuit. By standing up for police officers and qualified immunity in these unsigned rulings, SCOTUS showed its support for officers who put their life on the line every day.

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