Supreme Court’s Johnson & Johnson Decision Leaves Company in Crisis

Supreme Court's Johnson & Johnson Decision Leaves Company in Crisis

( – Millions of mothers use baby products every day on their children with the assumption they’re safe. Yet, in 2018, a St. Louis jury found Johnson & Johnson (J&J) guilty of contaminating its baby powder with asbestos, which helped cause ovarian cancer in over 20 women. J&J appealed the case to the Supreme Court (SCOTUS), but the high court’s decision hung them out to dry.

On Tuesday, June 1, SCOTUS refused to hear J&J’s appeal, forcing them to pay the $2.1 billion in damages to women who claimed the company’s baby powder played a part in their development of ovarian cancer. This is clearly damaging to J&J as the company faces over 26,000 similar lawsuits in the coming months.

Trial lawyer Max Kennerly shared more about the company’s poor management surrounding this disaster:

This news comes after the company’s vaccine was paused for 10 days after 6 women developed blood clots after receiving the J&J coronavirus vaccine. The Supreme Court’s ruling will continue to decimate Johnson & Johnson’s product portfolio, and the company will likely struggle to stay a major player in our nation if they continue to face lawsuits and produce questionable products.

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