Surprise Trump Rally Draws Thousands of Supporters in Philadelphia

Surprise Trump Rally Draws Thousands of Supporters in Philadelphia

( – Over the weekend, just a short drive northeast of Philadelphia, thousands of American voters brought their vehicles together to rally in support of President Donald Trump. Most polls show Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden leading Trump by a few points, but that isn’t stopping supporters from continuing the fight to sway more voters.

On Saturday, October 17, around 6,700 vehicles gathered in Newtown, Pennsylvania for the drivers to declare their allegiance to President Trump. They drove through Doylestown and other towns to show support and encourage voters.

The rally was organized by Jim Worthington, a member of Pennsylvania’s First District People4Trump Political Action Committee (PAC), who shared the success of the gathering on Twitter:

Worthington’s opening speech highlighted that the supporters were “fighting for the soul of America.” He knows that the rally might bring in “a hundred extra votes, a thousand extra votes, five extra votes,” and that each one makes a difference.

As the election draws closer, Americans must all remember that their vote makes all the difference. Choosing to make our voice heard through participating in the upcoming election is how citizens directly participate in our democracy and secure our nation’s future.

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