Ted Cruz Supports Trump Calling Off Virtual Debates

Ted Cruz Supports Trump Calling Off Virtual Debates

(ConservativeInsider.org) – With President Donald Trump’s recent bout with COVID-19, the Commission on Presidential Debates chose to make the next presidential debate virtual instead of holding the scheduled in-person event in Miami. Originally, the next debate was set for October 15. It’s unclear whether or not that will happen.

Trump declared to Fox Business, “I’m not gonna waste my time on a virtual debate.” Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) quickly stepped in to defend the President’s decision.

On Thursday, October 8, during an interview with Fox & Friends, Cruz accused the debate moderators and commission of acting like “arms of the Joe Biden campaign.” He said Chris Wallace did a “terrible job” and Susan Page’s questions sounded like they came directly from the Democrats’ desk.

The decision to host a virtual debate would favor Biden, just like the first two debates, said Cruz. It would allow the former vice president to have his staff nearby, guiding him as needed. Cruz applauded other potential forms of debate on Twitter as well:

Both sides struggle to agree on what fair and safe debates look like this month. So, the American people may or may not have a chance to see another showdown between the presidential nominees.

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