Texas AG Paxton Under Investigation By State Bar for Election Claims

Texas AG Paxton Under Investigation By State Bar for Election Claims

(ConservativeInsider.org) – Over half a year since the November 2020 election was held, there are still investigations looking into election fraud and questions unanswered about just what happened last year. But, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, who fought for election integrity by asking the US Supreme Court to intervene in battleground states with questionable election practices, is now facing an investigation for voicing his concerns.

Democrats Use the State Bar to Target Paxton

News first broke on Wednesday, June 9, that the State Bar of Texas is investigating Paxton on whether he made misleading statements to the court or if he filed a frivolous lawsuit last year. Initially, the association had rejected the complaint made by Kevin Moran, president of the Galveston Island Democrats, but an appeals board took it up soon after.

Moran told the Associated Press that Paxton’s actions were solely “to disenfranchise the voters.” However, Moran did not address the fact that multiple states had to hold investigations into their elections and fraud.

Do Not Expect Answers Anytime Soon

Paxton and his team have refused to comment directly to news stations on the matter, but Paxton noted the bar was being “political” and held “more liars than lawyers” during an appearance on the Chris Salcedo Show.

The investigation is likely to take months. If the investigators believe something unethical has happened, the association will run their own jury-like proceedings that could end in suspension, disbarment, or something less severe. However, the constant chant by the Left that these lawsuits were frivolous or misleading does a disservice to the millions of Americans actually concerned about the future of our nation and its elections.

Looking Ahead for Attorney General Ken Paxton

Bar associations have typically looked into misconduct from lawyers that harm their clients. This investigation shows a sharp turn away from that into politics, which is a harrowing sight when lawyers are meant to fight for justice and truth. For Paxton, he faces this as Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush is vying for his seat in 2022.

This investigation highlights that Democrats and associations predominately run by the Left, such as the Texas State Bar, are still dismissing claims of election fraud even though multiple ballot discrepancies have been found in some states. On top of that, they’re now persecuting people who questioned the status quo and voiced their concerns.

Now, more than ever, Americans are stepping up to support the players who have fought for truth and integrity in our nation and its government, like Attorney General Ken Paxton. Hopefully, his reputation and career can be protected from this ridiculous and frivolous inquiry.

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