Texas Governor Deploys National Guard

Texas Governor Deploys National Guard

(ConservativeInsider.org) – Usually, leaders of various countries seek to ensure their national security through many avenues, one of which is proper border security. But, President Joe Biden has opened up our borders to allow illegal immigrants, many of whom have tested positive for COVID-19, to cross into our nation without any repercussions. One state is fighting back.

On Saturday, March 6, Texas Governor Greg Abbott announced Operation Lone Star. It will pair Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) staff with National Guard members and a multitude of border security assets to secure the US-Mexico border in Texas. The goal is to stop Mexican drug cartels and human-traffickers from crossing the border and endangering Texas citizens.

One reporter shared how it isn’t just contraband that Texas are worrying about with the influx of illegal immigrants in their state:

Texas has always been able to hold its own. But, the fact that Texas needed to launch Operation Lone Star shows that Biden’s new immigration policies are hurting America. It also reminds us that governors have both the power and responsibility to protect their states, especially when the president fails to do so.

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