That’s Not Seaweed – Drugs Wash Up on Florida Shores

( – Over the weekend of July 22, officials in Neptune Beach, Florida, indicated that a large unspecified amount of dried marijuana had broken open in the water, and the drugs were quickly made unusable due to water contamination. Public works and officials worked to clear the debris and the area. They do not expect any further discoveries and discourage the public from considering this a treasure hunt.

Cocaine Sharks are not just a storyline for Discovery Channel’s Shark Week but a real scenario that scientists are preparing to deal with. The February film “Cocaine Bear” chronicles the true story of a 175-pound bear ingesting cocaine that was lost in 1985 from a drug smuggling plane. While the story may be a bit fantastical in execution, the premise could prove real if a shark took a bite out of a bale of cocaine floating in the water. Sharks would experience a similar euphoria to what humans experience.

Drugs land ashore in Florida and surrounding coastal waters often enough that the Coast Guard or other officials have found over 100 million dollars of illicit substances. The problem of wild animals ingesting drugs is so plausible that scientists have tested the scenario with sharks to see how they would react to other items that produce a similar dopamine result as cocaine.

The Discovery Channel Shark Week 2023 is hosted by Jason Mamoa and will provide answers for all things shark. Shark Week has no specific programming related to Cocaine Sharks but will undoubtedly cover the majestic power and intelligence of the various species of sharks.

Pharmacology watch groups indicate that drugs in open waters do not pose an immediate threat to humans, and it’s unclear how other ocean creatures will handle drugs in their water.

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