The End of Kim Jong-un Regime?

Pentagon Is Talking About Ending Kim Jong-un Regime

Pentagon Is Talking About Ending Kim Jong-un Regime

( – North Korea has been ramping up its missile tests and launches in recent months, as most experts believe the nation and the Kim Jong-un regime are trying to develop nuclear weapons. Tensions are already high around the globe, though, so the US and its allies made a clear statement of just what they would do if North Korea chooses to use such a weapon.

On Thursday, November 2, the South Korean Defense Chief announced he believes North Korea is about to carry out an underground nuclear missile test, the first of its kind in years. However, after a meeting between him and US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, the pair announced that if Kim Jong-un uses nuclear weapons against the US or any of its allies, they will promptly and decisively end his reign.

This announcement came shortly after North Korea performed another round of missile launches, some of which experts believe were intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs). In addition, Kim Jong-un has supplied Russia with various military supplies, contributing to the tension in the world.

With all of this, the US is extending Vigilant Storm, the training exercises joining the US military with South Korean forces to increase readiness. Austin also emphasized that advanced fighter jets and an aircraft carrier are in the region should President Kim choose to use a newly developed weapon.

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