The IRS Is Telling Americans to Watch Out for These Dangerous Scams

The IRS Is Telling Americans to Watch Out for These Dangerous Scams

New SCAM WARNING To All Americans

( – When budgets get tight, Americans typically start watching every penny they have just a little bit closer. So, during times like right now, during record-high inflation, it is incredibly important to be cautious of scammers hoping to take advantage of someone letting down their guard. With this in mind, the IRS issued a new warning about a scam that has been making its rounds in recent years.

On Monday, June 6, the IRS published a press release highlighting an item on its Dirty Dozen scams list: COVID-19 related cons. Despite the pandemic being around for two years, criminals are still taking advantage of the confusion around it by issuing fake job offers or stealing personal information to file fraudulent tax returns.

The IRS emphasized it never uses emails, calls, texts, or social media posts to contact taxpayers. If scammers get ahold of personal information, often using those methods, they can try and obtain additional Economic Impact Payments or unemployment compensation. The tax agency also highlighted that fake charities are on the rise. It is essential to research a charity’s legitimacy by double-checking its name and address before donating money, preferably in the form of a credit card or check. Also, be sure you contact them directly through email or phone numbers you obtain through your research instead of responding to unsolicited requests.

Remember, the best line of defense against scammers is always a savvy, educated, and alert individual.

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