The Switchblade Drone Might Be Putin’s Undoing in Ukraine

The Switchblade Drone Might Be Putin's Undoing in Ukraine

This Powerful Weapon Is Stopping Putin In His Tracks

( – The United States has sent Ukraine billions of dollars worth of weapons and military assistance. From anti-tank weapons to howitzer artillery pieces, the defending nation’s strength certainly has been increased by American might and intelligence. However, perhaps one of the more unique and helpful weapons is the Switchblade drone, which can attack its target far away while its operator remains out of harm’s way.

New reports have been coming out of Ukraine showing how successful their use of the Switchblade 300 and Switchblade 600 drones are. The 300 is a smaller model that targets personnel and weighs just over 5 pounds. It can hit targets up to 6 miles or a 15-minute flight away.

One group reporting on weapons used by the Ukrainian army shared a video of the drone on Twitter:

The same group also obtained a rare video of a Switchblade 300 drone hitting a tank while all its operators were on top of it, clearly eliminating the tank’s crew. This shows just how vital these weapons may be to the Ukrainian resistance.

Switchblade 600 drones can fly up to 24 miles and destroy tanks or other large, armored targets. In addition, new technology is coming out where drone operators can first send a scouting drone into enemy territory to locate the target and then send its information and coordinates back to the attack drone. This reconnaissance would increase the distance a Switchblade drone could be used, as it wouldn’t spend extra fuel scoping out its target.

With Russia’s army continuing to face morale and supply issues, these intense and deadly drones are clearly giving Ukraine an advantage.

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