The “White Wave” Nobody Saw Coming


Disturbing “White Wave” Hit Dr. Oz Very, Very Hard

( – In 2020, Democrats pushed voters to use mail-in ballots as much as possible to ensure every eligible and interested voter got their selection in. However, the GOP pushed back against using such tactics, citing mail-in ballots and early voting as being rife with fraud. However, this strategy may have backfired this year in the Pennsylvania Senate race, as Dr. Mehmet Oz (R) was hit with a “white wave” of ballots that lost him the race.

As of November 8 at 9 am, there were a total of 1,439,579 mail-in ballot applications in Pennsylvania, according to the Department of State’s Daily Mail Ballot Report. Of those, voters returned 1,190,087 of them, and 822,961 of the voters were registered Democrats. That equates to 69% of mail-in ballots likely voting for Democratic candidate John Fetterman.

Epoch Times writer Janice Hisle coined this onslaught of white envelopes containing votes for the liberal candidate a “white wave.”

University of Buffalo political science professor Jacob Neiheisel told The Epoch Times how parties should encourage their “supporters to use anything they can” to get their vote counted. While he did warn there are concerns about mail-in ballots, such as new information coming out closer to election day or a candidate passing away, they are still currently a legal way to vote, and thus, voters should use them if needed.

As the GOP plans for the next election, will it learn a lesson from this election and the “white wave” of ballots that let Fetterman take the victory in Pennsylvania?

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