These Jobs Are GONE – Biden and Workers Lose Big Time

Biden Loses Big as 100,000 Manufacturing Jobs Go Away

Biden Loses Big as 100,000 Manufacturing Jobs Go Away

( – President Joe Biden’s economic policies haven’t been much of a success so far, with working Americans being hammered by sky-high inflation and rising interest rates. Now, the latest employment numbers are here, and the news isn’t good.

Payroll processing company ADP releases a monthly employment report, and November’s edition is out now. Although Biden is loudly telling the country his American Rescue Act is boosting the economy, the numbers tell a different story.

Dow Jones estimated American businesses would add 190,000 new jobs this month, but the real total was just 127,000 — just over half the 239,000 positions filled in October. That’s bad news, as the sudden slowdown in job creation suggests the economy is struggling badly. Even worse, the number of manufacturing jobs in the US has actually dropped.

According to ADP, there are 100,000 fewer manufacturing jobs than in October. Other sectors that saw big falls include professional and business services, finance, and information services. The one that gained, with 224,000 new jobs filled, was leisure and hospitality. The problem is, that’s not a sector that can put some energy back into our economy, especially when it’s likely most of those new positions are actually people taking a second job to help pay steadily climbing bills. Our economy is still in serious trouble, and Biden can’t keep pretending everything’s fine.

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