These Mail-in Ballot Policies Keep Americans Waiting

These Mail-in Ballot Policies Keep Americans Waiting

( – Usually, Americans know who the next President of the United States will be by the sunrise after Election Day. However, this year, due to the exorbitant number of mail-in ballots cast due to COVID-19 fears, many states are still counting these votes.

The battleground states of Wisconsin and Michigan have been slow to report their voting numbers, but Pennsylvania is slower than both of them. The Keystone state has almost 2.5 million mail-in ballots to count and only started processing them Wednesday morning.

Pennsylvania has a “no-excuse” mail-in ballot law that allows anyone to request a ballot. However, the state law also stipulates these ballots cannot be counted before Election Day itself. But, most counties focused their resources on ensuring in-person voting went smoothly, leaving mail-in ballots to be counted the following day.

As of Wednesday morning, Pennsylvania had only counted around 1.1 million votes, predominantly from well-populated, Democrat-leaning cities. NPR shared a statement from Pennsylvania’s Secretary of State:

The race is still incredibly close. While many Americans are thankful for the opportunity to avoid voting in-person this year, every American now sees the price we have paid.

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