This Family Is Blended in a Most Unblended Way

This Family Is Blended in a Most Unblended Way

( – Blended families come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and all certainly do not look like the Brady Bunch. For one Canadian pair, their life together looks vastly different than a typical family, as each parent lives with their own children in different suites connected by a hallway. Yet, this arrangement is the perfect fit for them.

38-year old Shelley Hunt recently shared a TikTok video about her life with her partner Peter Verge in their two-suite house in Canada. Shelley has two kids from a previous relationship, while Peter has three. When they first started dating, they looked for a home with two suites because it was affordable and would allow them to live near each other without actually moving into the same rooms.

Canadian news outlet CBC Kamloops shared more about the couple’s arrangement on Twitter:

Through this setup, each partner is able to focus on their own biological children in their own space when they have custody of them. However, the couple did note they have dinner and games nights together quite a bit, too.

Shelley and Peter plan to fully move in together when their children are out of the house. For now, they believe this situation is the best way to foster positive relationships between them and their children. While this unique arrangement is certainly not for everyone, this couple seems to be making the best choices for their own family.

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