This Prayer Book Makes People Ask God to Make Them Hate White People

This Prayer Book Makes People Ask God To Make Them Hate White People

( – Religion can be a beautiful and transformative force in one’s life. But, sometimes religion turns into a method to perpetuate or a reason to justify hatred. The most recent instance comes in the form of a book of prayers sold at Target and Amazon, among other online retailers, in which one passage asks God to “help me to hate White people.”

A Book of Prayers Promoting Racism

Author Sarah Bessey published her book A Rhythm of Prayer: A Collection of Meditations for Renewal on February 9, 2021. While it has a myriad of contributors, the one causing the most alarm is by Mercer University’s Associate Professor of Practical Theology Dr. Chanequa Walker-Barnes.

Her prayer, entitled “Prayer of a Weary Black Woman” begins by asking God to stir up hatred in her heart against white people, in particular the “Fox News-loving, Trump-supporting voters.” A Virginia Pastor shared his alarm over the devotional on Twitter:

The book currently sits as a #1 best seller on Amazon’s “Spiritual Meditations” list. If this is any indication of our nation’s current climate towards people of other races, it’s not good.

Just What Is Dr. Walker-Barnes Angry About?

Most Christians have read at least one psalm where the author laments and works through difficulty. On Twitter, Dr. Walker-Barnes defended her prayer as being modeled after one of these biblical songs, but those words fell flat for many.

In her prayer, she highlighted that she does not believe people can change, even though that is a theme at the heart of the Christian religion. She also asks God to harden her heart and to help her stop “from striving to see the best in people.” If these are the things the Left is demanding of the next generation, this should be a rude awakening.

Free Speech Is One Thing, Selling This Book is Another

Thankfully, people can write and talk about almost whatever they want in our country thanks to our freedom of speech. However, companies can show their support, or lack thereof, for what people share by either providing it to the public or choosing to not sell it. In this case, both Target and Amazon have chosen to provide this book to the masses.

Similarly, as we see the way the mainstream culture and progressive authors are heading, we can take note and can use our own wallet to show companies what we do or don’t support.

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