Time to Prepare for Food Shortages in 2022

Time to Prepare for Food Shortages in 2022

(ConservativeInsider.org) – Over the past two years, Americans experienced a variety of shortages, from the 2020 toilet paper fiasco to a scramble for gas on the East Coast after the Colonial Pipeline cyberattack. Now, experts are predicting a new round of shortages in the upcoming year, ranging from coffee and pasta to bacon and eggs.

Many farmers have had difficulty finding workers to help harvest their products or drivers to take their products to manufacturing facilities and stores. This forced just one dairy farmer in the UK to dump 40,000 liters of milk this fall as no one was able to pick it up.

Similarly, the price of animal feed and anhydrous ammonia, a popular fertilizer, is going up, making products using them skyrocket as well. This will likely affect pork, chicken, and egg prices, as well as wheat and soy-based goods. Sprott Money shared more about the changing food market:

This year, packaging in all forms has also been more difficult to find, so products that use glass bottles and aluminum cans may have sporadic shortages in 2022. On top of this, droughts greatly affected Brazil’s coffee production this year, leading to rising prices in many Americans’ favorite breakfast beverage.

Looking ahead, Americans can stock up on shelf-stable items ahead of the forecast shortages if they’d like. However, it may be time to experiment with alternatives to some of the expensive products in case they’re unavailable or simply triple in price.

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