Tom Cotton Calls for Biden to Stop Insane Policies at the Border

Tom Cotton Calls for Biden to Stop Insane Policies at the Border

( – As migrants flock to the US-Mexico border in record numbers, lawmakers across our nation are calling on President Joe Biden to stop his “open border” policy. Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) added his voice to the mix this week declaring the issue at hand the “Biden Border Crisis.”

On Monday, March 8, Senator Cotton spoke with the Fox News team about Biden’s border policy and questioned how it could be touted as “moral and virtuous”:

Cotton criticized President Biden for turning detention centers into “reception centers” and providing bountiful resources to immigrants with little structure or accountability. He explained the current policy not only encourages families and minors to make a dangerous journey across Mexico, but it also provides preferential treatment for those who are able to make it to the border by foot. With this policy, the US will not be able to let in as many legitimate asylum seekers and refugees who lack the geographic advantage of those coming from Mexico.

While the Left is touting this policy as the moral thing to do, it’s simply creating an unsustainable crisis that threatens national security, strains state infrastructures near the border, and discourages other nations from helping their own citizens. Biden must change his policy if he’s to protect our nation and its future.

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