Tom Cotton Says These Orders Will Cause Deaths

Tom Cotton Says These Orders Will Cause Deaths

Tom Cotton Says Latest Military ORDERS Will Cause People to Die

( – Since the Army’s 2015 decision to allow women in combat positions, the military branch has struggled to figure out how to evaluate and judge its soldiers’ physical fitness. For years, every Army member had to pass an Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT) with requirements based on their gender. In response to women being in combat, the military branch instituted a new test without standards based on sex and age. Admitting that wasn’t working, the Army is now implementing a lowered gender-based fitness test, which Senator Tom Cotton (R-AK) believes “is going to get people killed.”

On Thursday, May 5, Senator Cotton questioned Secretary of the Army Christine Wormuth and General James McConville about the latest revision of the Army Combat Fitness Test (ACFT) during a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing. He highlighted the shaky rollout of the test, emphasizing that the new standards are “absolutely pathetic.” The old APFT required soldiers to complete 35 pushups, but the new requirements only require 10.

Cotton’s line of questioning can be seen on Youtube:

The new test also allows soldiers to opt for a 2.5-mile walk instead of a 2-mile run. While Wormuth, the first female Secretary of the Army, seems to be more concerned about “fairness” to certain “subgroups” with the new test, Cotton is worried it will compromise combat readiness and effectiveness. What do you think — should women in combat be held to the same standard as men on the battlefield?

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