Top AI Predictions for 2022 – Sony Says…

Top AI Predictions for 2022 - Sony Says...

( – Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been developing for years as scientists push the edge of what technology, robots, and computers are capable of. Now, as COVID-19 shutdowns and worker shortages shake up the economy, many people hope AI can help bridge some of the gaps. Experts with Sony AI America shared some of their top predictions for this technology in 2022.

First off, COO of Sony’s AI team Michael Spranger believes artificial intelligence will allow the food industry to enhance “the sensory experience” diners enjoy on a night out while making the industry more sustainable and healthier.

AI may also lead to better hiring practices, as worker shortages force companies to get more creative in finding both remote and in-person employees. Sony experts believe AI can help recruiters find people from diverse backgrounds and disciplines to boost innovation in other fields moving forward.

Technology and marketing guru Simon Nicholson shared more about potential AI trends:

As computerized intelligence continues to push the known boundaries of technology, developers will have to emphasize practicing ethics and accountability to protect America’s lives, data, and security. AI will only integrate deeper into everyday processes in the United States, so it’s vital that healthy legislation, ethics, and openness continue as companies implement the technology into everyday life.

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