Top Biden Official Caught Possibly Violating Hatch Act, Watchdog Group Says

Top Biden Official Caught Possibly Violating Hatch Act, Watchdog Group Says

( – Government officials work and speak on behalf of the United States. Because of this, Congress established the Hatch Act in 1939 to restrict federal employees from engaging in partisan political activities to keep a healthy separation between government and partisan campaigns. However, a watchdog group just called out Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm for violating this act when she pushed a certain bill in Maine.

On Tuesday, November 2, the Foundation for Accountability and Civic Trust sent a complaint to the US Office of Special Counsel, declaring Granholm encouraged voters to support a progressive ballot initiative in Maine using her official government account, shown here:

In this tweet, Granholm is using her position as Energy Secretary to sway voters to support a certain political agenda, which very well could violate the Hatch Act. This instance came just days after White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki admitted she violated the Hatch Act by endorsing then-Democratic candidate for Virginia Governor, Terry McAuliffe. Psaki soon admitted she would “be more careful with my words next time.”

This is the second incident where a Democrat in power may have used their position in the federal government to push a liberal agenda. If these statements truly violated the Hatch Act, officials must call them out in order to keep a clear distinction between federal employees’ statements and partisan politics.

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