Top Biden Official Lied About Her Past, Investigation Finds

Top Biden Official Lied About Her Past, Investigation Finds

( – After being nominated by the president, many political appointees must also be confirmed by the Senate. For Kristen Clarke, Biden’s pick to lead the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division, the road to that confirmation has gotten a bit rocky. Reports have now revealed she lied under oath about her involvement with anti-police efforts and her radical beliefs.

According to the Washington Free Beacon, Clarke told the Senate that she “did not have a speaking or other substantive role” at the controversial conference about social and racial justice in April of 1999. However, transcripts provided to Fox News and an itinerary provided to the Free Beacon show Clarke helped organize the event and even spoke on a panel.

Senator Ted Cruz shared more about the conference and Clarke’s deep involvement with Marxist ideas:

Clarke is clearly the Democrat’s ideal candidate to lead the DOJ’s civil rights division, as she desires to defund the police and help eliminate our country’s alleged “systemic racism.” But, if Clarke is confirmed, she would likely lead our nation further into divisiveness through her radical ideology. Hopefully, the Senate will see Clarke’s true colors and force President Biden to choose someone less radical to lead within the DOJ.

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