Top Pet Names You’ll See in 2022

Top Pet Names You'll See in 2022

( – Some people are hoping to forget the past two years of the pandemic, while others are choosing to memorialize the time by naming their new pet after the coronavirus or similar references to 2020 and 2021. While this may seem startling to some, delved further into the details of pet names to give readers some clarity about what owners will be yelling across the dog park in the coming year.

While the top dog names are still the expected Max, Charlie, Luna and Bella, COVID-inspired names are also on the rise. Dogs named Fauci were 270% more popular in 2021, while the dog name Zoom increased 443%. Some even chose to name their dogs Pfizer, Biden, and Covid.

The wanderlust facing many wannabe travelers also contributed to an uptick in travel destination dog names this year. Dogs named Eiffel increased 1,363%, making it the 5th most trending dog name in 2021. Caviar increased 463%, while Dijon hit a startling 513% increase year-on-year.

News station WPXI shared more about society’s influence on pet names:

This Rover report shows that for whatever reason, some people want the names Fauci and Covid repeated in their house for years to come. Some believe this phenomenon is quite odd, as these pets will serve as a constant reminder in the coming years of the tumultuous pandemic that will, hopefully, one day end.

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