Toxic Metals Found in Popular Chocolate Bars

Toxic Metals Found in Popular Chocolate Bars

( – Chocolate is one of life’s many pleasures and one that most people enjoy every once in a while. Some have gravitated towards dark chocolate for its lower sugar content, purported health benefits, and often richer taste, although Consumer Reports recently warned consumers against eating too much of this treat as many companies’ dark chocolate bars tested high for multiple toxic metals.

On December 15, Consumer Reports published an article detailing how 23 of 28 popular dark chocolate bars they tested had notably high levels of lead or cadmium. Eating just one ounce of these bars per day would push someone over the publicly recommended amount of how much heavy metal is safe to ingest.

Bars high in both lead and cadmium include Theo’s Organic Dark Chocolate, Green & Black’s Organic Dark Chocolate, Lily’s Extremely Dark Chocolate, and Trader Joe’s Lover’s Chocolate. Hershey’s Dark Mildly Sweet Chocolate had the highest lead content, with one ounce of it containing 265% of California’s maximum allowable dose level for lead.

Even smaller brands like Pascha tested high for certain toxic metals. The company’s Organic Very Dark Chocolate bar had 253% of the recommended level of Cadmium. These results are frightening for many who consume these products often, as heavy metals can cause birth defects, cancer, memory issues, and even death in extreme cases.

In New York, one man is suing Hershey over the fact they did not disclose how much lead and cadmium their products contained. He is hoping to get a minimum of $5 million from the chocolate manufacturer.

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