Transgender Activist Says There’s A Hidden Agenda

( – Although there has been an extensive customer backlash towards companies such as Anheuser-Busch, Target, and Adidas for their promotion of transgender and LGBTQIA+ themed products, these companies are prepared for a little short-term pain in pursuit of a longer-term gain, according to a former LGBTQIA+ activist who has “seen the light” and is now a women’s rights activist.

Kay Yang left the LGBTQIA+ movement in disgust after she realised the extent of the grooming and sexualisation of children which is now being presented as normal behaviour as part of the push to make transgenderism acceptable in society. She says that companies who promote transgenderism have their eye on longer-term profits in a new world order where any business that does not fall in line with the radical left-wing narrative will be frozen out of the marketplace.

Globalist regulatory powers are co-ordinating their efforts through organizations such as the World Economic Forum (WEF) as part of an ideological movement which will celebrate the customization of the human body by means of advances in technology. This means not just sex-change surgery, breast implants and cross-sex hormones, but a complete merging of human biology with man-made technological advances, a process known as “transhumanism” – moving beyond what it means to be human.

Yang says that this is part of the “Fourth Industrial Revolution” which forms part of the “Great Reset” – a term which up until recently was dismissed and derided as a conspiracy theory, but which now forms a core component of the thinking of many Western governments. The goal is to have complete governmental control over every aspect of human life, including the limiting the ability to reproduce naturally and thus control the global population.

Although it may sound like science fiction, companies such as Neuralink and Cyborg Nest are already working on ways to connect the human brain to computers and to implant humans with technology that allows them to develop new senses and abilities.

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