Transgender Woman to Compete in Top Pageant

( – Yet another biological male has been allowed into a women’s competition and yet another natural-born woman has thereby been deprived of a rightful first place, due to the current fad for pretending that biological males somehow qualify as women. This time it’s a beauty competition, with Monroe Lace, a biological man who has qualified as a beauty queen as the winner of the Miss San Francisco pageant and is now eligible to compete for the title of Miss California next month.

Lace is the first man to be crowned as Miss San Francisco in the entire history of the event, which has been running for almost a century. He is not the first man to compete in such a pageant though, as in 2021 another man trans-identifying as a woman competed in the Miss Nevada pageant, and in the same year another trans-identifying man competed in the Miss New Hampshire competition.

It is arguable whether such candidates should be allowed to continue with this charade or whether they should be arrested together with the organizers of such pageants and charged with fraud by false representation. One is reminded of the old dictum: “You can put lipstick on a pig, but at the end of the day it’s still a pig.”

If this wasn’t bad enough, trans-identifying men dressed as women are becoming increasingly accepted as “drag queen story hour” readers to impressionable children at primary school level. It’s no coincidence that the exponential rise of children who consider themselves to be “trans” has coincided with the pushing of the agenda of radical transgender activists who wish to influence young children and present their warped view of sexuality as somehow “normal”.

People in authority have a moral duty to speak up against this phenomenon – while there may well be many people who suffer from mental illness and gender dysphoria, there is no excuse for normalizing it and pretending that a biological male qualifies as a natural-born female.

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