Trump-Appointed Judge Protects Important Election Law

Trump-Appointed Judge Protects Important Election Law

( – Most Americans knew that President Donald Trump’s incredible push to fill hundreds of empty judicial seats would pay off eventually. This week, it did just that. A Trump-appointed district judge refused to block the new election integrity laws recently passed in Georgia.

Judge Boulee Protects Our Elections

On Wednesday, July 7, Judge Jean-Paul “J.P.” Boulee issued a ruling protecting Georgia’s most recent laws surrounding the state’s elections, mail-in ballots, and voter-ID requirements. The laws, passed in March, were challenged by a self-proclaimed “voting rights” group named the Coalition for Good Governance. The group claimed the laws could intimidate voters and make it more difficult to request absentee ballots in a runoff election.

However, Judge Boulee noted that the lawsuit was not filed until June 14 — over two and a half months after Georgia Governor Brian Kemp signed the laws. He highlighted an injunction at this point “would change the law in the ninth inning.”

Boulee’s Reasoning and the Possibility of Future Suits

In his 11-page order, Judge Boulee highlighted that election officials were already implementing the new election laws, and there was a great risk if additional changes were made amidst the ongoing election. On June 15, Georgia held two special elections for empty state House seats, and the state is preparing to hold runoff elections on Tuesday, July 13.

While Judge Boulee’s ruling protected Georgia’s elections this time, this lawsuit was one of eight filed against the new laws. Currently, Boulee is set to preside over all eight lawsuits.

Choosing to chime in on the topic, Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger noted that these “frivolous lawsuits” were “based on misinformation and lies.” He emphasized the state will “beat them in court” to preserve the Georgia legislature’s work.

Democrats Will Likely Continue Their Campaign for “Voting Rights”

Since the 2020 presidential election, Republicans have been calling for reforms to protect election integrity, while Democrats have been adamant that voting reforms are necessary. Democrats are pushing to open up access to mail-in ballots, additional days for voting, and eliminate voter ID laws. Each of these items opens up our elections to likely fraud if allowed to pass.

Understandably, Georgia is just one of many states pushing to protect elections while the Left simultaneously tries to destroy them. By protecting voter privacy, ensuring only legal voters participate, and limiting mail-in ballots, Conservatives can preserve election integrity and our democracy all at once.

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