Trump Axes Negotiations with Pelosi on COVID-19 Relief

Trump Axes Negotiations with Pelosi on Covid-19 Relief

( – Many Americans held out hope that Congress and the White House would come to an agreement on another stimulus package to help small businesses and citizens before the election. But, it appears the negotiations are officially over after President Donald Trump refused to let the GOP give in to Democratic demands.

Last week, House Democrats and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) passed a $2.2 trillion stimulus bill, which included bailouts for mostly Democrat-run state and local governments. Offering a more fiscally responsible alternative, the Trump administration countered with a $1.6-trillion plan Pelosi declared “inadequate.”

After calling off the negotiations on October 6, Trump tweeted the following, giving Pelosi one last chance to provide Americans with vital aid:

Pelosi’s unwillingness to provide Americans with even a small stimulus bill before the election shows her true colors. She’s using citizens hurting under the pandemic to push her party’s own political agenda.

As our country continues to hurt and grapple with the unknowns of the next few months, we need to support one another. While we may not have a stimulus package coming immediately down the pipeline, we do have a leader committed to us and our safety.

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