Trump Hopeful About His Road to Recovery

Trump Hopeful About His Road to Recovery

( – Early in the morning on Friday, October 2, President Donald Trump announced on Twitter he and the First Lady tested positive for coronavirus. That morning, Trump experienced a drop in oxygen levels, prompting a precautionary move to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. Now that the weekend is over, the President appears to be stable and on the mend.

Trump is on a five-day treatment of remdesivir and also taking the steroid dexamethasone, prescribed by his physician, Sean Conley. He praised the work of his team at Walter Reed:

In the evening of Sunday, October 4, the president posted an optimistic video to his Twitter before a quick SUV ride to see his supporters outside:

While he’ll be closely observed over the coming days, President Trump’s discharge from Walter Reed back to the White House could come as early as Monday, October 5. Only time will tell how quickly the President will recover. But, if his optimism has any influence over his health, he may just be on the road to recovery.

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