Trump Jr Sends Urgent Message to GOP About Winning

Trump Jr Sends Urgent Message to GOP About Winning

( – Turning Point USA is a nonprofit that brings students together from high school and college to promote freedom and liberty. Every year, the organization hosts AmericaFest, a conference to rally and engage young conservatives. This year, it occurred in Phoenix, Arizona, from December 17 to 20, and Donald Trump Jr. was a featured speaker. During his time on stage, he warned listeners that the GOP must change its strategy if they want to beat Biden in 2024.

On Sunday, December 18, the former first son told conference attendees how even if a Republican candidate has “the greatest platform in the world,” there is still “no chance of winning” against the Democrats, according to the Daily Caller.

Trump Jr. believes that Democrats understand exactly what is needed to win an election and simply use everything in their power to get there without a “moral compass.” He told the almost 11,000 students about how they must also play this “game” if they want to win anything moving forward.

Trump Jr. also spoke about how he believes whenever an election is close, Democrats come out on top, saying that was “by design.” This fiery talk from a prominent conservative leader came as his father, President Donald Trump, is the only person to have officially announced a 2024 presidential run.

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