Trump Reacts to Durham Final Report

( – In the wake of the release of the Durham report, Former President Donald Trump has said that James Comey, the former Director of the FBI, and senior Democrat politicians must be held personally accountable for spending so much time and resources on investigating alleged collusion with Russia. The report was unequivocal in saying that the investigation should never have been allowed to proceed.

Trump said that the activities of the FBI and senior Democrat politicians before and during the investigation were “a total disgrace.” He said that not only he (Trump) but also the American people were the victims of the long-running investigation and called for a “heavy price” to be paid for what he described as a “treasonous charade.”

Durham’s report was released earlier this month after a thorough investigation of the Department of Justice and the FBI, during which it was found that they had failed to fulfil their mission of upholding the law with impartiality.

In particular, it was noted that the FBI failed to interview the complainants (senior Democrat politicians), failed to interview relevant witnesses, and failed to conduct a proper assessment of whether or not it would be appropriate to open an investigation in the first place.

The comparison with what the FBI and the Department of Justice did when Hillary Clinton’s “email server” controversy made headlines some years earlier – which is, of course, absolutely nothing – is stark. Durham’s conclusion was that the primary goal in this case was to “get Trump at any cost.”

It is difficult to imagine a more treasonous set of circumstances – and considering that the primary definition of treason is betraying one’s country and / or plotting to overthrow the government, the death penalty should be on the table. After all, it was not so very long ago when it would have been quite usual to have the conspirators put to death, and nobody would have batted an eyebrow.

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