Trump Responds to Biden ‘Kill List’ News

Trump Responds To Biden Kill List News

( – Former President Donald Trump has been vocal about his support for our nation’s military as they rush to evacuate US citizens and refugees from Afghanistan since the Taliban took it over in mid-August. Now, after learning that the Biden administration allegedly provided a list of names of Americans and Afghans that the US hoped to evacuate, Trump is livid that Biden is still running this nation.

US defense and congressional officials told POLITICO the US provided the Taliban with lists of people they wanted to evacuate. These lists, in theory, were to help these people make it through Taliban security to the airport. POLITICO reporter Lara Seligman shares more:

However, there are numerous Afghans on the list who helped the US during the past 20 years who will not be able to make it out of the country by the August 31 deadline. In practice, this list provided the Taliban with targets should they want to eliminate all opposition to their government, something they’re notorious for doing.

Understandably, Trump was furious with President Biden for giving this list away, telling Fox News that the situation “is only going to get worse, it can only go one way.” Trump said Biden has made us look like “weak,” “pathetic,” and foolish through his actions.

As the US mourns while this crisis continues, Americans are able to see Trump’s positive visibility while Biden fumbles through his days in office. This will likely help him shore up his place in the GOP and bring momentum for any rallies he holds in the coming months.

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