Trump Says They’re “Getting Closer” to Overturning Election

Trump Says They're

( – President Donald Trump has always stuck to his promises, and this election cycle is no different. He’s fighting for hard-working Americans by pushing corruption out of government and ensuring voter fraud does not go unpunished. In a recent radio interview, Trump encouraged listeners that his team is “getting closer” to getting an enormous amount of falsified ballots thrown out in order to overturn the election.

On Sunday, December 20, President Donald Trump spoke with WABC radio about the ongoing investigations into voter fraud this year. He and attorney Rudy Guiliani assured listeners they’re pushing to have Dominion Voting Systems machines audited and calling for signature verifications to take place in all states with voting discrepancies.

WABC detailed more of the hopeful and exciting news from the program:

Many Americans find themselves in suspense as they wait to see if Trump and Guiliani will overturn the election. WABC radio praised Trump for his years of service to our nation, giving us a strong, record-breaking economy, and returning an enormous amount of hostages to American soil during his four years in office. Hopefully, we can have another four years to look forward to with similar successes.

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