Trump Signs Bill Averting Government Shutdown

Trump Signs Bill Averting Government Shutdown

( – As often happens this time of year, the federal government was preparing for a potential shutdown on Wednesday, September 30. It would’ve happened if they didn’t pass a bill to extend the federal budget. But, President Donald Trump signed the bill late that night, prolonging funding for the government through December 11.

With the intense presidential campaign season underway, political parties in Congress have found little to agree on in recent weeks. However, in a rare occurrence, the House approved the bipartisan bill last week, and the Senate passed it on Wednesday evening.

The bill included a targeted budget increase for the Commodity Credit Corporation and an $8-billion boost for nutrition assistance programs. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) applauded Republicans for securing the aid for farmers through the negotiations:

Before December 11 rolls around, Congress must pass 12 spending bills or extend the budget again in order to avoid another shutdown. While little is expected to happen during Congress’ lame-duck session between the election and Inauguration Day, Americans can be thankful that President Trump and Congress managed to agree on this.

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