Trump Supporters Overwhelmingly Think Democrats Want White Americans Replaced With Immigrants

Trump Supporters Overwhelmingly Think Democrats Want White Americans Replaced With Immigrants

73% Of Trump Supporters FINALLY Agree On This Issue

( – Narratives, theories, and stories often shape how society thinks. When one such topic is repeated over and over again, many people believe it to be true, regardless of whether or not there are facts to back it up. Now, it seems a majority of Republicans believe, at least in part, that Democrats are actively trying to import new, liberal voters in an effort to replace right-leaning white voters.

New Polls Show Majority of Republicans Believe in the Great Replacement

Decades ago, a theory was put forth that powerful Jews were trying to bring in immigrants in order to overwhelm the conservative white vote. This original “Great Replacement” theory was then replaced with the narrative that Democrats were actually the ones opening borders in order to get more people to vote their way so they stay in power.

With this in mind, the Southern Poverty Law Center and Tulchin Research teamed up to survey 1,500 Americans from April 18-25 on whether or not they believe this theory. The poll had a margin of error of 2.53%.

The results detailed that 58% of Republicans believe the “changing demographics of America” are a threat to white American values, while 24% of Democrats agreed. Furthermore, 68% of Republicans strongly or somewhat agree that the recent demographic changes were not natural, but pushed by liberal leaders “actively trying to leverage political power by replacing more conservative white voters.”

Second Poll Echoes These Results

YouGov America conducted a similar survey to the one mentioned above from June 1-5 on the Great Replacement Theory. The results showed that 61% of Republicans believe Democrats are trying to replace white Americans with immigrants or people of color, compared to 10% of Democrats who agreed with that sentiment. When you look at the results for respondents that voted for President Donald Trump in 2020, the percentage climbs to 73%.

What Does This Mean for the Future of America?

While he does not hold an elected office right now, former President Donald Trump is still seen as the main leader of the GOP. Candidates endorsed by the former president in recent primary elections did well, and this momentum could likely help Republicans win back congressional seats in November. If Trump supporters predominately believe in the Great Replacement theory, they will likely vote for legislators who think similarly. If all of this were to happen, it could mean big changes to immigration policy.

It seems the Great Replacement Theory could have a strong hold over Congress if it continues to be a central theme to GOP voters.

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