Trump Supporters Stand Up to Establishment During Event

Trump Supporters Stand Up to Establishment During Event

( – As election audits start to wind down over six months after votes were cast, Conservatives are getting fired up and ready for the next round. In Georgia, swarms of Trump supporters showed up to the Georgia Republican convention to share their enthusiasm for taking back their state and country. They also expressed their distaste for their state’s current leadership.

On Saturday, June 5, “droves” of Trump loyalists showed up at Jekyll Island at the Georgia Republican Convention. The gathered crowd stood up to the current establishment by booing Governor Brian Kemp (R) when he came to speak, shown here by one Georgia-based news source:

According to radio host John Fredericks, somewhere between two-fifths and one-third of the attendees were “brand new,” and noted they were excited to get involved after the “stolen election.” As Republicans get ready for the 2022 midterms, it’s clear that Trump and his supporters are gaining momentum across the board as Americans see they can win their country back.

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