Trump Vows to End Ukraine War if Elected

( – Former President Donald Trump addressed a CNN town hall-style event in New Hampshire on Wednesday 10 May, saying that if elected he would “settle the war in Ukraine in one day.”

The 45th President was asked whether he supported the policy of the Biden administration to continue sending military equipment and money to Ukraine.

Trump replied: “Here’s the thing – if I were president, this war would never have happened, and even the Democrats know that and admit that. Vladimir Putin knew it would never have happened. In fact, many things would never have happened – and all those dead people, both Ukrainian and Russian, they wouldn’t be dead today.”

He continued: “Also, the Biden administration has given $171 billion to support the war in Ukraine. The European Union, on the other hand, which is about the same size as our economy — they’ve given about $20 billion. And yet geographically and historically, they are a lot closer to Ukraine than we are.”

“So, if we continue with the same policies that the Biden administration are currently pursuing, then they (the European Union) have to put up a lot more money because currently they’re taking advantage of us just like every other country has in the past.”

When Kaitlan Collins (the CNN moderator) reiterated the question of whether he would continue the policy of the Biden administration of supporting Ukraine with miltary weapons and money if he was elected, Trump said he would set up a meeting with President Vladimir Putin of Russia and President Volodymir Zelensky of Ukraine and “we would have that war settled in no more than one day — 24 hours.”

Trump was then asked by Collins who he wanted to win the war, which prompted him to say, “We shouldn’t think of it in terms of winning and losing. We should think of it in terms of getting it settled, so that we stop killing all these people.”

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