Trump Wins Major Battle to Destroy Mainstream Media’s Information Control

Trump Wins Major Battle to Destroy Mainstream Media's Information Control

( – President Donald Trump has been fighting more than just election fraud over the past few months. He’s also been waging a battle against mainstream media’s (MSM) bias and how they push opinions and agendas as fact. But, many MSM sources have changed their tune after projecting Joe Biden’s win, telling a bigger story about what they’re really about.

MSM Praises President Trump’s Education Policy

On Wednesday, November 18, New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof wrote in an op-ed titled “When Trump Was Right and Many Democrats Wrong.” In the article, Kristof acknowledged that Trump was “largely right” in his push to keep schools open while Democrats urged states to shut them down.

Kristof highlighted that the Left supported the public school shutdowns that “devastated millions of families and damaged children’s futures,” especially targeting low-income families. Former director of the Center for Disease Control (CDC) Dr. Tom Frieden agreed:

The New York Times finally published something that praised our president’s policies. Of course, the article did take a few jabs at Trump, but it was still a small step back towards balanced reporting.

The New York Times Strikes Again

On November 23, the New York Times published another op-ed, this time pushing back against the intense lockdowns facing much of the country. Reporter Apoorva Mandavilli criticized some Democrats, shown here:

What Do These Articles Mean for Mainstream Media?

In addition to these uncharacteristically fair articles from the New York Times, CNN anchor Jake Tapper even had a compliment for the President:

These MSM sources are beginning to mellow to a more moderate stance, but this is only after they no longer perceive Trump as a threat. But, our president has clearly shown Americans just where the mainstream media’s allegiance lies. This clarity is one that few Americans will overlook.

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