Trump’s Successful Border Policies to Be Reinstated

Trump's Successful Border Policies to Be Reinstated

( – Without wasting any time after taking his Oath of Office in January, President Joe Biden repealed the Migrant Protection Protocols (MPP) program that former President Donald Trump enacted. The “Remain in Mexico” policy forced migrants seeking asylum to wait in Mexico, rather than the US, until their day in court. This kept many hopeful residents from skipping their court date and simply living as an illegal immigrant in the United States.

However, since its removal, the US Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) has allowed tens of thousands of immigrants into the US with only a promise to appear in court at a future time. Thankfully, a court order forced Biden to reinstate the program — for now.

Court Order Forces Biden’s Hand

In August, a federal judge in Texas ruled that the Biden administration had to make a “good faith effort” to reinstate the MPP. While it took the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) nearly four months to come to an agreement on the new terms of the deal with Mexico, the new policy will go into effect on Monday, December 6 at various ports of entry in the southern US.

The United States and Mexico announced they were restarting the Remain in Mexico policy with a few changes. First off, the US government will provide asylum-seekers with court dates within six months of their return to Mexico and provide access to legal assistance leading up to and during the court proceedings. In addition, DHS will provide COVID-19 vaccinations to all enrollees in the MPP.

Biden Admin Continues to Fight the Policy

On October 29, DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas emphasized that the MPP has “endemic flaws” that do “not address the root causes of irregular migration” and vowed to replace it. However, the administration has not figured out a better strategy than the Remain in Mexico policy, thus having to reinstate it to comply with the court order.

While Democrats dislike the policy, it did keep 60,000 asylum seekers in Mexico rather than the United States while awaiting their court date during Trump’s first term. Now, while the nation battles with a shaky economy and the seemingly ever-present coronavirus threat, hopefully, the reinstated policy will help keep border states safer and more secure as DHS processes asylum applications.

No Such Thing As a Perfect Policy

As President Biden continues to try for a “more humane approach to immigration,” he has allowed the United States to become overrun with illegal immigrants, opioids, and criminals. While there are plenty of legitimate asylum seekers hoping to start a new life in the United States, it is essential that the federal government prioritize US citizens and their safety before allowing an open border again.

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