TSA Official Claims Guns and Unruly Passengers Becoming Big Problem on Planes

TSA Official Claims Guns and Unruly Passengers Becoming Big Problem on Planes

(ConservativeInsider.org) – Every year, millions of people experience the joy of traveling by airplane. After 9/11, security around airports understandably got more strict. Now, the Transportation and Security Administration (TSA) is reporting that passengers trying to get through security with loaded guns and those causing disruptions on planes are at an all-time high.

The Data of Unruly Passengers

In 2019, TSA searches set the record of 4,432 firearms collected at security checkpoints in the US. This year, TSA reports confiscating 4,650 guns in just the first 10 months of the year, 80% of which security officials found loaded. This equates to having around 11 armed passengers for every 1 million travelers, a stark rise from previous years.

As the busy holiday travel season approaches, TSA administrator David Pekoski told CNN he believes this spike in armed passengers shows Americans are more alarmed than before. This change in attitude is likely from extended COVID-19 mandates and shutdowns, rising political tension, and other stresses like rising prices and tighter budgets.

Aircraft Altercations Also on the Rise

Thankfully, TSA officials screen airline passengers as thoroughly as they can, although they acknowledge that some banned items still slip through. However, with violent altercations also on the rise, the federal agency is doing everything in its power to keep passengers safe.

On Tuesday, October 12, the Federal Aviation Administration acknowledged that various US airlines reported 4,724 unruly passenger incidents this year, resulting in 880 investigations. In comparison, previous years average around only 180 investigations. This spike in unfortunate attitudes only puts additional emotional strain on passengers, pilots, and flight attendants.

Are Americans Expressing Resistance to Authority?

While researchers still wait to process more in-depth data on just who’s bringing loaded guns into airports, it’s clear that travelers are more willing to push back against authority even in a highly regulated environment like an airport. Could this be a sign of overall American exhaustion from COVID-related restrictions, or do some left-leaning activists perpetuate this part of the no-rules-allowed culture?

Whatever the reason, the TSA issues penalties for bringing a weapon to a checkpoint to combat these instances. These range from $2,500 for an unloaded gun to $10,000 for a fully-loaded firearm. Local authorities can also choose to prosecute offenders or revoke gun licenses for those who violate airport rules.

Hopefully, Americans can abide by the rules of the air in order to keep flying a safe place for all without additional restrictions to cut back on these unruly and unfortunate instances.

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