Tuberville Continues Military Block Despite Events in Israel

( – Alabama Sen. Tommy Tuberville continues his blockage of military promotions and appointments despite the conflict erupting in Israel. He claims he will not relent until the funding policy for abortion-related travel is handled as he would like. Promotions are pending, such as the Chief of Naval Operations for the U.S. Navy, which is likely to put some stress on others as the Navy moves to aid the $2 billion in weapons the U.S. stores in Israel.

Tuberville claims responsibility for holding up over 300 senior military promotions over the abortion policy of the military, which he claims allows the government to pay for the travel related to seeking an abortion. Initially very popular in the conservative realm, Tuberville is now losing support. Most Alabama voters want to see results and want Tuberville to drop military deadlock. Nearly sixty percent of supporters now think that his point has been made and he is simply furthering government waste and gridlock.

Tuberville states that he will continue his blockade regardless of what atrocities are endured in Israel. He confirms that the attack does not change his position despite President Biden calling his stance and actions “totally irresponsible.” Military promotions are typically bunched together for ease of voting and paperwork, especially for appointments that are already supported and uncontroversial. There are “workarounds” where the Senate could vote individually, but that is a time-consuming process that would take weeks at this point.

Senator Jack Reed, a Democrat who leads the Armed Services committee, calls the actions of Tuberville foolish and risky as they leave the military without the leadership the various branches require. Senator Reed, in addition to Senator Schumer, is calling on his peers across the aisle to rein in Tuberville’s expectations during a global attack on innocents that they say the U.S. cannot allow to go unpunished.

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