Tucker Carlson Exposes Democrats’ Plans to Oust Trump

(ConservativeInsider.org) – Tucker Carlson, who has started up a new show on Twitter after he was fired from Fox News, continues to drop bombshells, make fur and feathers fly, and rattle the Washington establishment. He is widely seen as one of the country’s most influential broadcasters and in the third episode of his show he explains how the establishment is trying to remove Donald Trump before anyone has the chance to vote for him.

Tucker Carlson’s show aired on the same day that Trump was arraigned on 37 charges relating to the alleged mishandling of classified documents. Trump has pled not guilty to all the charges, but with any given charge attracting up to 20 years in federal prison, some commentators have observed that he could be looking at a 400-year jail sentence.

Tucker Carlson alleges that the real reason that the establishment is going after Trump is because of his anti-war position. Trump has said in the past that America destroyed the political stability of the Middle East, that the US should never have got involved on the ground in Iraq, and that the pretext for the entire operation was based on a lie, because the administration knew very well that the story about “weapons of mass destruction” was a myth.

Trump is running for president again in 2024, and currently holds a commanding position over all the other Republican candidates in the polls. But Carlson suggests that a victory for Trump would be a disaster for what he calls the “Neo-conservative war machine” which generates billions of dollars for the arms industry, and which requires a constant flow of wars and armed conflicts in order to perpetuate revenue.

Carlson notes that President Joe Biden is using the Department of Justice (DOJ) in an attempt to incarcerate his main rival and says that the prosecution of Trump is not only political but also ideological.

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