Twitter Gives Green Light to Assassination Threats Against Donald Trump

Twitter Gives Green Light to Assassination Threats Against Donald Trump

( – In 2020, Big Tech companies were quick to censor conservative viewpoints all over their social media platforms. Often, this led the platform to remove comments, discussions, and users that were not remotely against the platform’s stated policies. However, it now seems Twitter, a site that still bans some Conservatives for spreading “misinformation,” has allowed an Iranian government account to threaten former President Donald Trump without even a slap on the wrist.

On Sunday, January 9, the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, the Iranian regime’s paramilitary force, tweeted a photo of Trump golfing alongside a death threat. The message’s translation, done independently for the Washington Free Beacon, states that “all believers” will “seek vengeance next to the criminals’ homes,” referring to “those responsible for the Baghdad crime.” This is a clear death threat in reference to the 2020 assassination of Iranian general Qassem Soleimani, which Trump and then-Secretary of State Mike Pompeo helped organize.

US House Representative Jim Banks (R-IN) shared the tweet while calling out the social media site for failing to censor the threat:

Twitter has censored accounts for much less than this, including the account of President Trump. Platform users and lawmakers should consider addressing this clear double standard, as they’re able to influence the rules and oversight for these social media organizations. Hopefully, Twitter sees this threat for what it is and acknowledges that it does break the site’s policies.

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