Twitter Launches New Warning Labels For Content in Censorship Tactic

Twitter Launches New Warning Labels For Content in Censorship Tactic

( – Big Tech’s censorship of Americans erupted this year as COVID-19 began and Election season came. But, Twitter did not ease up after Election Day. Instead, it launched a new warning label campaign to alert users who “like” a post labeled as misinformation by their fact-checkers.

On Monday, November 23, Twitter revealed its new censorship program:

On top of choosing which information is “disputed,” Twitter is now trying to sway what users like and question. While fact-checking anything you read is critical to being an informed citizen, this censorship by Big Tech shows their desire for control over what citizens see and believe.

Note the subject that Twitter chose to use in its example of censorship: “mail-in votes will be harder to count and track.” If their constant censorship of President Donald Trump wasn’t enough to show their left-leaning bias, then this clearly does.

Big Tech censorship is causing many users to flock to conservative social media site Parler, while others demand more regulation of other social media companies. Americans must remember we can show our support or dislike of companies by choosing where we spend our time and our “clicks.”

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